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Save Money Buying Used Cameras and Lenses

Save 40%-60% Buying Used

You don't have to go broke buying camera equipment. The life span of both film and digital cameras is long, even longer for lenses and most photographers take care of their gear.

Buying used camera equipment will save you money without compromising quality. When you buy from Gear Offer, you're buying directly from other photographers and independent camera shops.

We keep our seller fees low and pass the savings on to you.


Sell Your Used Camera Equipment

Pay only 6.9% When Sold

Sell your used camera equipment on Gear Offer and keep more of your money. Most online marketplaces charge fees that total 13%. Our fee is only 6.9% with no additional payment processor fee.

Don't leave money on the table selling to online camera shops that pay pennies on the dollar. Get more money selling your used camera equipment directly to other photographers. Listing is FREE.

We believe in fair transactions for both buyer and seller.

Why GEAR OFFER Is Different
  • - Free Listings
  • - Low transaction fee (6.9%)
  • - Direct payment
  • - Seller protection
  • - Savings on used gear of 40%-60%
  • - Listings are open to offers
  • - Vetted sellers (extensive security checks)
  • - Buyer protection
  • - AI powered fraud prevention
  • - Escrow-like transaction process
  • - Real-time transaction monitoring
  • - Responsive customer service

"I have made several purchases through Gear Offer.
Every transaction has been flawless!"

Kurt V. (6 transactions)