Welcome, OC Camera

Creating a new marketplace is hard...really hard. We knew this going into it and we knew our biggest challenge in the beginning would be solving the chicken and egg problem. How do we attract sellers without buyers and how do we attract buyers without inventory? It's a big problem to solve and it will take a lot of time, but we're committed.

One obvious way to help add inventory to our marketplace is to find people who sell a lot of camera gear, namely, camera shops. But, as it turns out, convincing camera shops to list gear on a new marketplace is pretty difficult too. Many of them like what we're doing and they really like our low fees. But, change is hard and not everyone is willing to take a chance at first.

This is what makes OC Camera different. They're innovative and willing to try new things. They were willing to take a chance with our new marketplace, bringing their inventory to Gear Offer. We're excited that OC decided to work with us because they know this industry well and have many years of experience.

With an eBay store that's been around for nearly 20 years and a 98.8% feedback score, they move a lot of used camera gear and have a lot of happy customers. But, they also have a brick and mortar store located in Orange County, California and we drove out to Mission Viejo to meet them back in March.

Anthony (co-founder of Gear Offer) and I spent 2 days at the store and got to know Roozbeh, the owner of OC, and his staff. We were really impressed with their operation and learned a lot about the camera gear business from the perspective of a shop owner. We also got to see some awesome gear in-person, including a lot of rare Leica cameras.

Not only did we learn about their business, but we got to know them too. These are great people who know their stuff and they know how to have fun. It was a worthwhile trip and we're excited to have OC Camera on board. You'll see a large variety of gear from their shop here on Gear offer, including a mix of digital cameras, lenses, film cameras and accessories. Thank you OC Camera for working with us and for your willingness to try something new.

Author: Don Fitzsimmons
Co-Founder of Gear Offer, software developer and photographer.

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