Gear Offer is Officially Launched

It's been a long time coming but the Gear Offer platform is finally here. I created Gear Offer because I'm frequently buying and selling cameras and lenses. I like to try new equipment and typically I sell something to fund another purchase. When selling gear, I visit the typical web sites: eBay, Craig's List and some online classifieds, but none of these "marketplaces" ever really felt right. eBay has the largest reach, but costs 10% per sale with some listing fees as well. That really cuts into the amount you can make when selling. Craig's List is great for some things, but when selling high-value gear, it's risky meeting up with strangers who know you have $2000 camera on you. And, as a buyer, meeting up is risky because the stranger you anonymously emailed knows you probably have $2000 in cash on your person to buy that camera.

Our goal is to provide a community marketplace dedicated to photography gear and to do it in a way that's fair and as secure as possible. Unlike classifieds where you go back and forth to arrange payment and/or meetup to make the deal, you can just click "buy now" on a listing and it's yours. We facilitate the financial transaction. Transactions should be secure and backed by quality customer service. Every transaction on Gear Offer is subject to rating and review to establish trust within the community. And finally, when selling, you pay us only 4% per successful transaction with no listing fees.

Normally, completing a big software project is cause for celebration and it is, but now the real work begins. Our goal is to be THE online marketplace for buying and selling camera gear online. We aim to provide a secure, customer-focused community where anyone can buy or sell with confidence. It's an ambitious goal and comes with a big challenge. Our main challenge is the classic chicken and egg problem.

People shopping for gear won't find much if sellers don't list gear and sellers won't be inclined to list gear if there are no buyers. We're very aware of this and we're working hard to get sellers to list gear knowing that, at first, it may take some time to make sales, but eventually, this will be the best place to make the most money selling camera gear. If you're looking to buy camera gear but you're not finding what you're looking for, be patient with us because we have big plans to increase inventory over the coming months.

While it's exciting to launch a new product, we know our work has only just begun and we're committed to working hard to serve our growing community.

We're always open to feedback so feel free to share suggestions as you get familiar with Gear Offer.

Thanks, Don

Author: Don Fitzsimmons
Co-Founder of Gear Offer, software developer and photographer.

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