Selling a Complete Camera Kit?

When selling your gear, it's tempting to just bundle your whole camera kit into a single listing. This makes sense on the surface, but in reality, it doesn't work out very well.

I get it. Listing your camera body and the 5 lenses you have all together will theoretically save you time (creating multiple listings) and help you avoid ending up with gear you can't use. If you're switching systems, from let's say Canon to Sony, you don't want end up with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lingering around when you switched your kit to an entirely different mirrorless system. But this rarely works.

Why is selling your complete camera kit in a single listing a bad idea? There are a few reasons:

  • Buyers rarely purchase an entire kit with multiple lenses. Most buyers are looking for a particular lens, body or accessory. In the majority of cases, if you bundle your items in one listing, buyers will ask if you'll sell a particular piece individually and you'll have to create a new listing for that item, or do some kind of update every time an items sells and that gets tough to keep track of.
  • You'll likely make more money selling each item in your kit individually. When sellers bundle all of their items in one listing, they tend to price the kit too low. Some of those items could make you a lot more money sold on their own.
  • Many buyers won't bother asking to purchase an individual item in your kit, even if that's what they're looking for because they'll assume you will only sell it as part of the kit. They'll move on to find that item individually and you'll miss out on the sale. Gear Offer is designed for selling individual items. When a buyer clicks "buy now", they're buying everything in the listing. If there are items in the listing they don't want, they'll either move on or ask you to create a new listing for the one item they're interested in.

There are cases where it makes sense to list a kit. For example, if you're listing a camera and you have the kit lens that it originally came with. This makes sense because most buyers aren't going to be looking for a kit lens by itself.

Bundling seems like a good idea, but if you want to make the most for your gear and appeal to buyers, creating individual listings for each item is a much better way to go.

Author: Don Fitzsimmons
Co-Founder of Gear Offer, software developer and photographer.

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