In Search of List

Below is a list of camera gear that potential buyers are looking for. This list is known as the ISO (In Search Of) list. If you see an item on this list and you happen to have one for sale, list it and we'll notify the person in search of your item.

Name Brand Model Wanted Details Posted
László Leica CL (DIGITAL) excelent condition 8/8/2019
Arivu Nikon Z6 24-70mm 8/6/2019
Chelsea Canon 5D MARK 111 7/31/2019
Joey Manders RED EPIC 7/30/2019
Jeremie Mamiya RZ67 7/29/2019
Adi Plaubel 67 Looking for an excellent condition 7/16/2019
Glen Vivitar 135MM LENS 135mm f2.8 close focusing lens. FD or M42 mount 7/13/2019
Ashton Fuji X100 Looking for an X100 in good shape. 7/13/2019
Pisal Samyang 24MM 7/3/2019
Michele Olympus M.ZUIKO MICRO 4/3 75-300MM LENS 6/19/2019
Hamad Sony SONY VIDEO HI8 PRO Massive video camera 6/9/2019
Lisa Canon CANON EOS 5D MARK IV 5/20/2019
Michelle Konica C35 EF 5/19/2019
Kyle Summers Sony A7R II 5/13/2019
Bledar Arri MINI 5/7/2019
Ian Rokinon ROKINON 12MM F/2.0 NCS CS, E-MOUNT Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 NCS CS, E-Mount 5/7/2019
James Really Right Stuff BH-55-LR Ball head with lever release 4/28/2019
James Minolta MINOLTA AF 100-400MM F/4.5-6.7 APO 4/26/2019
Maggie Bronica SQ-A, SQ-AI Looking for a working Bronica SQ-A or SQ-Ai medium format camera, possibly a kit if you have it, for my first medium format camera. 4/24/2019
Mariano Mamiya C 330 4/10/2019
Alex Leica M10-D Looking for an M10-D in like-new or mint condition. 4/8/2019
Maeve Impact STEREO FILM CUTTER Looking for a stereo flim cutter 4/8/2019
Yusupha Sama Canon 5D MARK III Low on budget as a startup 4/8/2019
John Green Nikon NIKON AF-S NIKKOR 24-70MM F/2.8E ED VR LENS 4/6/2019
Miranda Sony ILCE-QX1 Looking for a very good to excellent cond. Sony QX1. Accessories a plus. 4/5/2019
Akshy Canon 200D 4/3/2019
Lukas Sony ILCE-6000 Not used much so mind condtion 3/29/2019
Meg Canon EF-M 18-150MM LENS FOR MIRRORLESS CAMERA 3/28/2019
Ritabrata Sony A7 III 3/23/2019