In Search of List

Below is a list of camera gear that potential buyers are looking for. This list is known as the ISO (In Search Of) list. If you see an item on this list and you happen to have one for sale, list it and we'll notify the person in search of your item.

Name Brand Model Wanted Details Posted
Richard Arland Mamiya SUPER 23 press camera 3/21/2019
Warren Ricoh 35 RANGEFINDER I know nothing about it. Has been in a drawer for over 30 years. If interested, i'll take to a camera guy for assessment 3/18/2019
Chris Horn Nikon D4 I'd like to buy a used (8+ or better) Nikon D4 body, with no more than 300,000 shutter clicks. Thanks! C- 3/18/2019
K Nikon D750 3/12/2019
Moshe Canon 6D MARK II 3/10/2019
Kelly Ricoh GR II 2/23/2019
Averi McLaughli... Sony RX 1/31/2019
Gerard Canon 60MM MACRO 1/29/2019
KT Hasselblad XPAN 30mm lens 1/26/2019
George Sony RX10-IV 12/19/2018
Edward Canon 6D 12/18/2018
Daniel Minolta SRT 101 Great great condition. 7/10/2018
DR Fuji XF 50MM F/2.0 WR 7/1/2018
Dave Sony A6300 6/28/2018
Rich Pentax 6X7 SLR 6/28/2018
Jasper Sony A7 RII Looking for one in good shape. 6/25/2018
Edward Canon EOS 5D MK II Looking for clean 5D Mk II. I had one before and it was a great camera. Still holds it's own today and I'm nostalgic for it. 6/24/2018