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Sony produced 2 awesome full frame DSLR cameras in the Minolta tradition: the a900 and the a850. This is an a850 and the only difference is the frame rate (3 vs 5) and view finder size (100% vs 98%). Speaking of view finders, the view finder on this camera is huge. It has to be seen to believe. It's 24 megapixels and even by today's standards, the image quality is great. Low-light starts to degrade around 3200 ISO and it doesn't have live view or video, but it's very good at shooting still images. Shutter count is about 9,000. I'm not totally sure because the shutter count tool I typically used seems to have disappeared from the internet. Slight wear on the body, but it's really clean. It has a screen protector and comes with the original box, charger, 3 batteries and the original strap. A great camera to get started with full frame and lenses are cheap too.

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