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photo-dude (1 items sold)
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Ships from Scottsdale, Arizona

This is a truly unique camera and I bought it on impulse here a while back. I couldn't resist. This camera is not for the casual photographer and it's a bit funky. It does one thing really well though: it produces amazingly detailed images. Like nothing I've seen before. If you're a pixel peeper, you will love this camera. I had my fun with it and it's time for it to go. It comes with the original box and accessories along with 3 batteries (1 after market), an aftermarket charger (original charger is a Japan plug), original hood, lens cap and manuals. Here's a review of the camera by Steve Huff (note, his is squeaky but this one is NOT): http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2012/08/29/the-sigma-dp2-merrill-review-gorgeous-image-quality-but-slow-and-squeaky/

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