3 light strobe kit by Hensel

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The Hensel Integra monolights provide the control and power most photographers require, no matter what the job, portrait, wedding or industrial photography. It has adjustable power in 1/10 stop increments over a five stop range. It comes with abuilt-in whisper silent fan, a 300 watt modeling lamp and built in slave which can be switched on or off. The only flaw is I'm missing one of the rubber parts on the lever to release the reflector. I'll show in the pics. Also, shipping will be expensive because of the size and weight so I will deliver to the Phoenix area. Comes with 3-500w/s flash heads w/power cords, 2-umbrellas w/reflectors, 1-softbox, 7" reflector, grid, 3-stands, wheeled soft case, and extra light bulbs! Yes, that's a catalog photo, since I no longer have a studio, I don't have the room, to put it all up. The flaw I mention, is truly the only flaw.

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Most of my gear is in like new condition, but, I am not a retailer and can't afford returns because of questionable reasons.

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I am closing up shop. I moved to the Phoenix area in 2010 and couldn't get my photo biz going. I held on to some of my gear, just in case...but, too many good photogs here and I'm totally out of the loop. Most of my gear is in like new condition, but, I am not a retailer and can't offer a warranty or do returns because of questionable reasons. Everything works the same as it did the day I bought it. If you're in the Phoenix area, I'll deliver to save the shipping charge.

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