Turn Key Production Studio Pkg (Camera, Audio, Lights)

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Turn key production studio with fully remote capabilities. *More detailed pictures available, issues with uploading to site* Included are camera package, audio recorder, 4x LAV mics, Light Kit, and tons of accessories and add ons. Gear purchased in Feb 2019, used for radio show production and remote interviews by industry professionals. Excellent condition. Package built with separate orders and additional equipment. Over the shoulder broadcast camera in conjunction with LAVs and portable audio recorder makes this perfect for interviews, studio recording, green screen, or location feature filming. 16 stands, 6 lights, 4 LAV mics, mobile audio recorder, camera with 9 lenses, 5 batteries for 30hrs of charge, multiple green screens/backgrounds, and many additional accessories purchased to make production streamlined and easy. We upgraded to new facilities and do not have use for this package any longer. Itemized list below. Camera: Sony Camera HXR - MC2500 1 Lithium Battery LG 2 Lithium Battery LG 3 Lithium Battery LG Sony Battery SM Battery Charger DC Power Cord Cannon Battery w/charger Camera Bag Micro SD Cards 32G (2x) HDMI Cord USB to Mini USB Cord Sony USB to Camera Cord LED Light (2x gels) camera mounted Lenses: Ultimax 37mm Wide Angle Lens Digital Visions 37mm 2.0X Lens Ultimax Studio Series MC Digital HD CPL Ultimax Studio Series MC Digital HD UV Ultimax Studio Series MC Digital HD FLD Close Up +10 Close Up +4 Close Up +2 Close Up +1 Lens Brush Large Broadcast Camera Stand Audio: Saramonic UWMIC9 Wireless LAV Pack (2x lavs) Saramonic LAV Mic A Saramonic LAV Mic B Saramonic LAV Receiver Saramonic UWMIC9 Wireless LAV Pack (2x lavs) Saramonic LAV Mic A Saramonic LAV Mic B Saramonic LAV Receiver Extra Long LAV Mic Cords (2x) Reg LAV Mic Cords (5x) XLR Cord Headphone/Camera Cord Pyle Wireless Mic Receiver Handheld Mic Lav Mic Pack Headset Mic XLR Mic Cord XLR Mic Cord 3/4 to 3/4 Cord Tascam DR-680MK2 Audio Recorder DC Power Cord SanDisk Ultra 32G Tascam Headphones Behringer Headphones 1 Behringer Headphones 2 Black Canvas Bag Grey Drawstring Bag Lights: Photo Master SoftBox (2x) Photo Master Bounce Lights (3x) Large Green Screen Medium Screens (Green, Black, White) Medium Tripod Light Stand (8x) Large Tripod Light Stand (3x) Screen Stands (3x) LED Photo 60W Bulbs (6x)

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