Canon AE-1 with Canon FD 50mm, 1:1.8 lens/Canon and Skylight protective lens cover, original flash and 55-135 mm telephoto lens; generic case

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Original owner. Used only for family pictures as kids grew up. Never dropped. Never has needed repair. Has been stored in air conditioned cabinet inside our home since I transitioned to the pocket-sized Canon Sure Shot and then transitioned further to other digital pocket cameras. In excellent condition. Original flash works well. 55-135 mm zoom lens is Japanese-made generic (JC Penney brand) that works like new, but does not have its own case. The cloth/nylon padded generic case fits and protects the AE-1 and 135mm lens or 55 mm lens, with a small film pouch and strap. Original Canon lens covers lost on family vacation long ago. Generic metal screw on lens covers are on both lens. Sorry images aren't in order; not sure how to do that! Pictures of case and flash did not download but can be sent.

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