Leica M8.2 - black paint - less than 2000 shutter count

used leica m8.2 image 0 used leica m8.2 image 1 used leica m8.2 image 2 used leica m8.2 image 3 used leica m8.2 image 4 used leica m8.2 image 5 used leica m8.2 image 6


Putting my beloved black paint M8.2 up for sale. I just don't really use it enough to warrant holding on to it right now. Hopefully it can go to someone else who can get more use from this wonderful camera! It's in near mint condition, just starting to get some brassing in places where you would expect it. The bottom plate has some wear that's typical of it just being put down on surfaces. Still plenty of paint to make this your own patina'd beauty. Comes with one battery and the small charger, only given in the 8.2 model version.

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