Gear Offer is an Online Marketplace Dedicated to Buying and Selling Camera Gear.

Sell your photography gear and get great deals buying from other pros and enthusiasts. Gear Offer is the first marketplace that deals exclusively with camera gear. All of the gear you see on this site was listed by other photography pros and enthusiasts just like you.

Gear Offer provides the following:

  • All listings are FREE. It costs nothing to list your gear and you can do it right now.
  • Find out what your gear is really worth using our built-in pricing tools.
  • Our platform enforces fraud protection using machine learning to evaluate risk. Each user and transaction are continually evaluated.
  • Every transaction can be rated and reviewed to further enforce trust among buyers and sellers.
  • We facilitate the transactions between buyer and seller. When an item is sold, the funds are deposited into the sellers account once they've cleared with no transfer fees (typically in 3 days).
  • Our fee for a successful transaction is 4% of the total charge to the buyer as well as 2.9% + .30 that goes to our payment processor. That's 6.9% + .30 total. Compare that to eBay at 12.9% and Amazon's high fees. You can easily see the advantage.
  • Shipping tracking is built into the platform. When you purchase an item, the seller will enter the shipping tracking code once shipped and buyers can track their order all the way to the front door.
  • We're building a large community of buyers and sellers. Currently, we're just getting started and our inventory is sometimes low, but that will change over time as we attract more buyers and sellers. Marketplaces take time to build. Please bear with us.
  • Our focus is exclusively on photography gear. We love gear and built Gear Offer to serve the photography gear-loving community.
  • We provide customer service and dispute resolution with real live humans (no opaque processes or off-shore call centers).

These qualities are unique to Gear Offer and you won't find this level of service anywhere else. Again, we're in the early stages of building this marketplace, so check back frequently as we increase our inventory.