Who Can Buy on Gear Offer?

Anyone with a valid address in our supported countries and a credit card can purchase gear. Simply create an account, make an offer or click the buy now button and you can own that new piece of gear you've been lusting over instantly.

Who Am I Buying From?

All of the gear you see on this website was listed by people just like you. When you buy on Gear Offer, you're buying directly from other people. We facilitate the transactions, fraud protection and provide customer service. Because you're buying directly from other users, you can get great deals on used gear. All of our sellers are subject to identity verification (see the next question for more).

What If the Seller Doesn't Ship or no Longer has The Item After I Click "Buy Now"?

We work hard to make sure our sellers keep their listings up to date and ship items fast. But, if something goes wrong we can always issue you a full refund prior to the item shipping. Sellers get paid after they ship the item, so your funds are on hold until a valid tracking code is entered. If you ever have an issue or question just contact us and we'll help get things sorted out.

Is it Safe?

One of the main reasons we created Gear Offer is to provide a safe platform for buying and selling camera gear. Many of the existing methods of buying and selling used gear online are very risky (think Craig's List, classifieds sites and forums) and offer no protection. We provide constant fraud protection using machine learning (we use Stripe and Stripe Radar behind the scenes). Every user and transaction are constantly being evaluated. We also enforce SSL by default on the entire website and monitor all activity.

In the event there is a dispute between buyer and seller, we will intervene help resolve the issue. For example, if a seller fails to ship a product, first we'll contact the seller and if that contact goes un-answered, we can simply issue you a refund.

Why Don't You Have What I'm Looking For?

Our inventory is entirely user-created. The listings you see are from other photography pros and enthusiasts who list gear when they want to make a sale. Because of this, we may not have what you're trying to find at the moment, but if you add what you're looking for to the ISO List, we can notify you when a match has been listed. Our inventory is growing all the time, so keep checking back.

What Happens After I Make a Purchase?

After you make a purchase on Gear Offer, the seller is notified. The seller will then ship your item and provide a shipping tracking code. Once the item is shipped, you will be notified via email and you can track your package.

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong?

Unlike classified sites and forums, if something goes wrong, we will get involved and help resolve any disputes between buyer and seller. We provide quality customer service. Because we value our unique community, we aim to keep everyone happy.

Why Don't You Allow PayPal Accounts?

The primary reason we don't support PayPal is that once a payment is processed via PayPal, we wouldn't be able to provide buyer or seller with customer service for that type of transaction. If something goes wrong with a PayPal transaction, you would have to deal with PayPal customer service and that has been a notoriously arduous process. By working directly with our sellers, we are able to provide quality customer service, and if necessary, dispute resolution because we're not going outside of our payment system.