Buyer & Seller Protection

Gear Offer Assurance is designed to foster trust among our community of buyers and sellers. Our goal is to make sure everyone using our marketplace has a positive experience. We work hard to verify our users and transactions using multiple systems behind the scenes to prevent problems.

In the unlikely event of a dispute, we back every transaction that we facilitate and will assist both buyer and seller with our resolution process.

Qualifying for Assurance

In order to receive protection, transactions must be completed using the Gear Offer website. Payment and shipping must both be carried out using our platform. Any transaction that takes place outside of Gear Offer will not be covered. Disputes or issues must be communicated to Gear Offer within 7 days or 14 days for those receiving shipped items.

Buyer Protection

Getting a deal on used camera gear is great. Running into a problem during the process is not. In the unlikely event you have a problem when buying on Gear Offer, contact us as soon as possible. We protect buyers from fake items, faulty or falsely advertised gear.

Seller Protection

We make selling used gear easy and we handle the entire transaction process, eliminating a lot of risk for sellers. If something goes wrong, know that we'll work to bring a resolution to any issues you encounter and we'll work to make you and your buyer whole.

The Process

  1. If you have a dispute, contact us as soon as possible and describe the circumstances.
  2. We will work with the other party to the transaction and obtain their details.
  3. After a thorough review and further communication with both buyer and seller where necessary, we'll work out a resolution that's amicable for both parties. In cases of bad actors, we'll take legal and financial measures where appropriate.

If you have further questions about our process, contact us. We'll be happy to answer any questions.