What's The Cost of Listing on Gear Offer?

All listings are FREE. We don't charge a listing fee. In the future, we will offer featured listings for a small fee. Featured listings will appear at the top of a given category or on the home page. Otherwise, listing on Gear Offer is free.

Does Gear Offer Take a Percentage of a Transaction?

Yes. Sellers pay the low fee of 4% of the total successful transaction. That means if you sell a camera on Gear Offer, we take 4% of the total transaction (final sale price + shipping). Our payment processor charges 2.9% + .30 per transaction. Each transaction cost is then a total of 6.9% + .30. Compare that to one of our main competitors at 10% + 2.9% + .30 for a total fee of 12.9% + .30 plus listing fees on top of that and Gear Offer is much more affordable for sellers.

Is There a Fee For Buying on Gear Offer?

No. There are no fees for buyers.

Does Gear Offer Buy Camera Gear?

No. The listings you see on Gear Offer are posted by other photography pros and enthusiasts. We as a platform don't buy or sell photography gear. Our inventory is community-driven. Many stores and websites do buy camera gear at low-ball prices and re-sell them at higher prices. Gear Offer is unique in that our sellers set their own prices.

What Countries is Gear Offer Available In?

We are currently only offering our services in the United States at the moment. We had to start somewhere and keeping things domestic in the early stages was a priority. But, we plan to expand to other countries soon. In fact, Gear Offer was built with international support for Canada, the UK and Australia. We will expand to these countries in the future.