Quality Listing Images Sell More Gear

When selling gear, there's one thing that can make all the difference: quality images. Now, you don't have to get crazy, a couple of well-executed shots with your phone will do, but there are a few simple things that will make your listing images stand out:

  • Post real images of your gear. This is really important and required. If you post a stock image, or a manufacturer photo, you won't get much interest in your listing and we'll probably contact you with a gentle reminder that real images of your gear are required.
  • Good lighting is critical. Hey, we're photography nerds, we should have this down, right? You don't have to break out a table-top studio to get good light. Just use some nice window light, or soft light from a constant light source like a lamp that's shaded. The key is to create well-lit images that show off your item. High ISO shots and bad exposures will make your listing look less appealing.
  • Shoot in landscape orientation. The images on Gear Offer look best in this orientation and it shows off a larger, cleaner view of your listing.
  • Use multiple angles. This allows potential buyers to get a better view of the condition of your listing. If there's a flaw with your listing, make sure to mention it in the description and include close up images so your potential buyers get a true sense for the severity of any flaws.
  • Show more than one image. We require at least one image for a listing to be published, but it's best to post at least 3 or 4. Too many images can be overwhelming, so keep it to a reasonable number, but 1 is not usually enough for potential buyers to get the right impression.