Who Can Sell Gear on Gear Offer?

Anyone residing in our supported countries list can apply to sell gear. We are gradually expanding the list of countries we support for sellers so check back if you don't see your country on the list.

Why Would I Sell My Used Camera Gear on Gear Offer?

Selling camera gear online is a huge hassle. Your only options are sketchy classifieds sites like Craig’s List, expensive auction sites like eBay and discussion forums built in the 90’s. The back-and-forth with flakey people, dealing with low-ball offers and the constant fear that you might get scammed are enough to drive anyone insane.

This website was designed specifically for buying and selling camera gear and only camera gear. Selling is easy and listing your gear is free. We handle all of the transactions so buyers can purchase your gear with the click of a button. Fraud prevention is built in and we provide customer service and dispute resolution if something goes wrong. You won't find that on a classifieds site. We charge sellers only 4% of the successful sale, unlike eBay which charges 10%. Hassle free listing, fraud prevention, a low fee and quality customer service are a few of the benefits of selling on Gear Offer.

What Information Do I Need to Provide To Become a Seller?

To become a seller, you will have to provide your full name, date of birth, billing address, last 4 of your SSN (for US sellers) and a valid bank account or debit card where we can send you money once you make a sale. These details are required by our payment provider and help to prevent fraud. After you start selling and hit a certain level of revenue, you will eventually be required to provide more identity information, but we'll let you know when that's required in advance.

Is it Safe?

One of the main reasons we created Gear Offer is to provide a safe platform for buying and selling camera gear. Many of the existing methods of buying and selling used gear online are very risky (think Craig's List, classifieds sites and forums) and offer no protection. We provide constant fraud protection using machine learning (we use Stripe and Stripe Radar behind the scenes). Every user and transaction are constantly being evaluated. We also enforce SSL by default on the entire website and monitor all activity.

What Are Seller Policies?

Your seller policies describe how you handle items that you sell with regards to how soon you ship sold items, if and for how long your allow returns and if you offer a warranty on your items. This let's your buyers know what to expect when they purchase an item from you.

Why Do I Need to Add a Bank Account or Debit Card?

Sellers must add a bank account or non-prepaid debit card (in the US) to their seller account so we can deposit funds from the proceeds of a sale into your bank account (at no charge). If you're uncomfortable linking your checking account to your seller account, consider opening a free checking account just for this purpose. And remember, the account that you link is for deposits only.

Why Don't You Allow PayPal Accounts?

The primary reason we don't support PayPal is that once a payment is processed via PayPal, we wouldn't be able to provide buyer or seller with customer service for that type of transaction. If something goes wrong with a PayPal transaction, you would have to deal with PayPal customer service and that has been a notoriously arduous process. By connecting directly to our sellers bank accounts for deposits, we are able to provide quality customer service, and if necessary, dispute resolution because we're not going outside of our payment system.